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Noisy may

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Noisy may

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Noisy may

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Noisy may

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Noisy may

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Jump, Jump, Jumper

Few styles are better at matching your mood than jumpers. Jump into our fantastic, soft selection of Noisy May jumpers and browse for the jumpers that will become your best basics for years to come as well as the ones that will elevate your outfits this season. Our range covers them all!   Though jumpers are mostly associated with soft and snuggly styles for autumn, we include jumpers in our trend drops all year round. In spring and summer, our range of jumpers covers cool, cotton-blend pullovers in soft pastels as well as bright colours that match the seasonal trends. In autumn and winter, heavier knits in wool-blends are the backbone of our assortment.   With seasonal compositions, colour ranges and stylings, the Noisy May jumper selection is as versatile as any other fashion category, where you can browse to find your new outfit builders.  

Best Basic Jumpers

You can never go wrong with a few basic jumpers in your wardrobe. A high neck jumper is a wardrobe must-have that can be easily styled with your favourite skinny jeans skinny jeans for a versatile silhouette, with wide leg jeans wide leg jeans for a laid-back 90s look, or with a skirt skirt for a comfortable yet feminine expression.   Mix it up with detailed jumpers such as a classic cable knit jumper, prominently featured across the fashion scene right now, or a cool zipper jumper, a Noisy May icon that comes in a wide range of colours every year.  

Trend jumpers to wear right now

Check in to find the newest jumpers from Noisy May in all the shapes and colours to wear right now. Our playful DNA is easily spotted in our trend jumpers. Look for cool colour combinations, cropped lengths, fabric mixes and fun details you wouldn’t usually find in a basic jumper.   Our trend knitwear is designed to translate current trends into wearable clothes that will brighten your wardrobe and elevate your outfits throughout the year. Use the trend jumpers as outfit builders and layering pieces all year round – we hope you’ll have fun styling them to match your style and mood.