The perfect jeans: it’s a true love thing

The perfect pair of jeans need to feel like they’re made just for you, body-hugging, comfy, AND cool. But we all know how hard finding them can be: hours spent browsing the internet, embarrassing fitting room situations - we’ve all been there. At Noisy May we want to end the struggle. Take our jeans guide quiz and find your perfect jeans in a snap. Easy and fun, just like jeans shopping should be.

The Noisy May jeans come in various styles, including low, normal and high waist jeans, and in every silhouette, from skinny to relaxed; cool mom fit jeans to trending flared jeans. Which is your best match? Take the jeans guide quiz and find out! We always want you to have plenty of options to choose from, so we've made sure that each jean fits a range of expressions from classic and clean blue denim to rips, tears, and cuts. Lately, acid wash and colour jeans have sneaked into our selection and our hearts. We really mean it when we say we want to be your No. 1 denim brand. But hey babe, fit first!

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