Competition terms & conditions - NOISY MAY

This competition takes place on Instagram.


This competition is held and organized by NOISY MAY, which is a part of Bestseller A/S, Fredskovvej 5, 7330, Brande, Denmark. By entering this competition, you accept and agree to comply with these terms and conditions.


How do i participate?

To participate in this competition, you need to follow the NOISY MAY Instagram profile @NoisyMay and comment on at least one of the Instagram posts with the sizes of the outfit you want.


You may choose to participate in one, two, three or all four weekly prize draws. Each weekly prize draw will draw one winner among the Instagram comments submitted on the weekly NOISY MAY Instagram post. You must therefore separately comment on each of the four weekly NOISY MAY Instagram posts to participate in all four weekly prize draws.


This competition runs from 2 December until 27 December 2017.


The competition is open to all people above the age of 18, residing in the USA, Canada, or an EU/EEA country.


Employees of Bestseller A/S, its affiliated companies and members of their households cannot participate in the competition.


Finding the winner

One (1) winner will be drawn at random among the participating entries on Instagram each Wednesday during the competition timespan. A total of four (4) winners will be drawn during the competition timespan.


After a winner has been drawn, the winner’s name will be announced and posted on NOISY MAY’s Instagram profile.


This competition will take place over a period of four weeks, and a total of four different winners will be drawn during the competition period. Once a participant has won a prize during this competition, the same participant will not be able to win or receive any further prizes from this Advent Competition.


The prizes

The prize consists of four NOISY MAY outfits. The outfits will consist of a top, shirt or sweatshirt and a pair of jeans or a skirt, but the last outfit will include an additional item. Each week this Advent season, one participant has the chance to win a NOISY MAY outfit.


Week 1: NOISY MAY outfit worth 61.99 EUR.


Week 2: NOISY MAY outfit worth 69.99 EUR.


Week 3: NOISY MAY outfit worth 44.99 EUR.


Week 4: NOISY MAY outfit worth 101.99 EUR.


The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or substituted for other goods or benefits.


Contacting the winners

The winners will be contacted with a private message on Instagram every week when a winner has been drawn, and the winners names will be published on the NOISY MAY Instagram pages shortly thereafter. Once the winners have been drawn, the winners will have to send their addresses and contact information to NOISY MAY in order for NOISY MAY to make the necessary delivery arrangements.


Personal information

The winners will have to send NOISY MAY their name, e-mail address and address to enable NOISY MAY to ship the prizes. NOISY MAY will delete the personal information, once the prizes have been shipped to the winners.


The names of the winners will furthermore be announced and posted on NOISY MAY’s Instagram profile and will remain on the NOISY MAY Instagram profile history.



The prizes can be subject to personal or prize tax depending on local tax regulation.


This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.