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The perfect jeans: it’s a true love thing

The perfect pair of jeans need to feel like they’re made just for you, body-hugging, comfy, AND cool. But we all know how hard finding them can be: hours spent browsing the internet, embarrassing fitting room situations - we’ve all been there. At Noisy May we want to end the struggle. Take our jeans guide quiz and find your perfect jeans in a snap. Easy and fun, just like jeans shopping should be. The Noisy May jeans come in various styles, including low, normal and high waist jeans, and in every silhouette, from skinny to relaxed; cool mom fit jeans to trending flared jeans. Which is your best match? Take the jeans guide quiz and find out! We always want you to have plenty of options to choose from, so we've made sure that each jean fits a range of expressions from classic and clean blue denim to rips, tears, and cuts. Lately, acid wash and colour jeans have sneaked into our selection and our hearts. We really mean it when we say we want to be your No. 1 denim brand. But hey babe, fit first!

Rely on our Noisy jeans crew

Lucy girl on the line? More of a Kimmy? If you don’t already know, you’re about to find out. Year after year some of our Noisy jeans crew members have proven to be real It Girls. All named after real-life women who've inspired us to design jeans, each member of the hardcore crew carries her own personality making her a great match for all you Noisy girls. With their low waist and skinny fit, our Eve jeans are perfect for fun-loving, rowdy natured girls. You know, the girls who get the party started, tell the best jokes, and are always on the lookout for adventure. Check out our Callie jeans if you need a reliable friend or a pick-me-up pep talk. Their high-waisted, skinny-fit design strikes the balance between feminine and fashionable and is a style that you can always depend on. Our Isabel jeans are the newest member of the Noisy crew and we’ve been on the lookout for something like this forever. Like a true chameleon, Isabel's relaxed Mom fit works with all outfit styles. So, whether you're channeling an oversized, 90s girl aesthetic or keeping things sophisticated with something more minimalist, in our Isabel jeans, you're sure to be the most fashionable in the crew. A true friend through fashion's up and downs, our Kimmy jeans have seen it all! Their normal waist and skinny fit make them a great choice for fun fashion expression. Perfect for the girl whose playful charm and impulsive nature mean she's constantly reinventing her style to keep up with every latest trend. Check out our Lucy jeans if you're in need of an ultra-confident friend in your crew. Their sporty charm and casually cool aesthetic make them an original mover and shaker, which will keep you going year after year. Their normal waist and skinny fit give them a flattering silhouette that goes with everything.

Take the jeans guide quiz and get matched

Which Noisy crew member matches your personality best? We truly love all of them. Take our jeans guide quiz above and find out which jeans fit is the one you should keep an eye out for. This quiz will help you find your perfect pair of jeans. Regardless of size or shape, we've been working hard on the fit of our jeans, so you don’t have to struggle. Just take the jeans guide quiz or go straight to the pick-and-choose. There's plenty to choose from #promise If you’re in the mood for a fashion statement, you should check out our trend jeans category. With a unique mix of denim design and fast fashion details, these jeans are the trending pieces we crave each season.