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Noisy may

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Noisy may

zł 269,99

The Teddy Coat’s Unconventional Origin

Wrap yourself in warmth and style with NOISY MAY's Teddy Jackets – the cutest and cosiest companions for the winter months! ❄️ Imagine a piece that's as snug as a bear hug but twice as chic – that's our Teddy Jackets for you.

The story behind this fuzzy fashion phenomenon takes us back to the 1940’s when George Borg, the owner of a knitting mill, was busy producing deep-pile fabric intended for paint rollers. One day, he had a lightbulb moment, realising the irresistibly fuzzy texture could be the perfect match for outerwear. 🐻 Taking his creation to New York’s garment district on 7th Avenue, the rest is history – from DIY paint rollers to the daring world of high fashion, and now, to your wardrobe with NOISY MAY!

At NOISY MAY, we're not just about jackets; we're about all kinds of inclusive, authentic fashion with an unpredictable attitude. Our Teddy Jackets embody the edgy appeal that forms the backbone of our unconventional brand. We're here to deliver cutting-edge fashion with ambition and global appeal, breaking free from the norm. Join the Noisy Crew and embrace not only the warmth of our Teddy Jackets, but our unique attitude where comfort meets bold style! 🐻

The Ultimate Blend: Snuggly and Stylish

NOISY MAY's Teddy Jackets are the ultimate blend of chic and cosy for the cool girl in you! ❄️ Imagine a jacket that wraps you in a cloud of stylish softness, keeping you snug without sacrificing any element of your sleek ensemble.

Our Teddy Jackets are the go-to companions for colder months, making a bold statement that says, "I'm warm, I'm stylish, and I'm owning it!" 💁‍♀️ Pair this fluffy wonder with a pair of jeans from our vast collection of denim styles for an effortlessly laid-back look that screams casual chic.

NOISY MAY knows that winter fashion shouldn't just be about staying warm; it's about turning heads and making a statement. With our Teddy Coats, you're not just battling the chill – you're turning the streets into your personal runway.

At NOISY MAY, we're not just a brand; we're a vibe – a vibe that's inclusive, authentic, and full of unpredictable attitude. Our Teddy Jackets are here to make your winter wardrobe the epitome of warmth and style! 🌈🐻

Shop your new Teddy Jacket online at NOISY MAY

Dive into the world of warmth and style with NOISY MAY's Teddy Jackets – the ultimate cosy-chic essentials you need this season! 🌟 Don't just beat the chill; blow it away with our range of Teddy Coats in a variety of timeless earthy tones that'll make you stand out in the urban jungle.

Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? NOISY MAY brings you Teddy Jackets in various lengths, a mix of teddy and quilted fabrics – because your winter wardrobe should be as diverse as you are! Explore our online store now and discover a fashion haven where rules are meant to be broken.

But that's not all – we've got something extra special for the fashion-forward trendsetters… our Teddy Gilet, because sometimes, you want to flaunt the teddy look while showing off the rest of your killer outfit! 🐻

At NOISY MAY, we're a lifestyle – inclusive, authentic, and bursting with unpredictable attitude. Your style journey starts here, where cutting-edge fashion meets ambition, and where we cater to the unique needs of the Noisy Crew. Shop the Teddy Jacket that speaks to your soul – because staying warm has never looked this cool! 🛍️