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Dress up, wild child

Putting on the perfect dress is magic, and we need plenty to choose from – because mood, you know! Every season has its own dresses and add to that your own special preferences channeling exactly who you are. A dress is not just a dress but a wardrobe superhero that tells a story about who you are. Though feminine in essence, a dress is versatile and comes in so many shapes and expressions. At Noisy May we want to cater your personal style, so check out our dresses category and browse our selection. Not just pretty – that’s how we do dresses at Noisy May. We need that little something extra that gives our outfits edge and personality. Whether it be styling with sneakers and a leather jacket or putting together a casual look with loose silhouettes and cool prints. We always want to explore how this wardrobe evergreen is relevant to all you crazy kids. That’s why you’ll find playful designs and a lot of raw details in our dresses.

Party dresses you’ll love

Party like its NYE! Every celebration can be summed up by the dress you wear for the occasion. Come party season our Dresses category will be stuffed with cool party dresses featuring glam details and rock chick attitude. Maybe you’re looking for that breathtaking gold dress that will stun the NYE party. Or dive deep into sequin details. Check in for inspiration when party season comes up! We promise #worthit Your styling will get you far when it comes to party looks. A shimmer dress is a Noisy May classic and actually we use it on weekdays as well as for parties. Style with sneakers and a denim jacket for a relaxed look and feel. Or glitter up your makeup to match the shimmer for a wild child party look. Too much is just enough for this expression.

Wear dresses every day

A denim dress offers the perfect balance between cute and cool. The denim shirt dress is a versatile style which is pretty much always presented in our Dresses category. Find your favorite and enjoy the many details such as zippers and raw hemlines. The denim pinafore dress is another dress darling because of its many styling options. Put a shirt under it for a classic look or go with a colored or striped t shirt for a playful expression – perfect for everyday outfits! A soft alternative to this look is the cord pinafore dress which channels preppy with just the right amount of cool. Sometimes you just want to snuggle up in a comfy cool sweater dress. Luckily with our selection of sweatshirt dresses it’s possible to find the comfortable dress we all NEED in our wardrobe. So of course, these dresses are always available in various materials and designs at Noisy May. On colder days a knitted dress is our go to style, while the hoodie dress is a tempting option every day of the year. See! Just one is not enough.

Easy breezy summer dresses

Looking for that dreamy summer dress? Among our most popular styles are the summer dresses in TencelTM Lyocell. Over the last couple of years, these styles have gathered a regular fan base, and we totally understand why! This lightweight material is comfortable on hot summer days and the loose silhouettes are flattering with wavy skirts. Easy breezy perfect! Even more of a classic is the linen dress which is bot comfortable and wearable from city to sand. These styles should be on top of your packing list for summer. A smock dress is definitely what you want to go for on hot summer days. Dressy yet casual, this style has the potential to be a real stunner. Extend the summer feel by styling this dress with jeans. No matter your type, there’s a dress which matches you. So, make sure to check in for dress news for all seasons in our Dresses category. This is where you’ll find inspiration for cool dress outfits for all occasions and every day.