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Noisy May NMCALLIE HIGH WAIST SKINNY FIT JEANS, Black Denim, highres - 27007982_BlackDenim_003.jpg
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Noisy May NMSALLIE HIGH WAIST FLARED JEANS, Black, highres - 27017554_Black_003.jpg

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Noisy May NMCALLIE HIGH WAIST SKINNY FIT JEANS, Dark Grey Denim, highres - 27012742_DarkGreyDenim_003.jpg
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Noisy May NMYOLANDA NORMAL WAISTED WIDE LEG JEANS, Black, highres - 27029317_Black_003.jpg
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Noisy May NMLUCY NORMAL WAIST SKINNY FIT JEANS, Dark Blue Denim, highres - 27012755_DarkBlueDenim_003.jpg
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Noisy May NMCALLIE HIGH WAIST SKINNY FIT JEANS, Medium Blue Denim, highres - 27007979_MediumBlueDenim_003.jpg
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Jeans - your wardrobe staple No. 1

When in doubt, wear jeans! Our motto seems to apply to all of you noisy girls. How to find the perfect pair of jeans, however, is another story. We’ve all been there: the fitting room, stacked with skinny jeans - none of which fits. Luckily, that’s not how we do it at Noisy May. Our dedicated team of jeans designers work hard to match fabric and design to create the perfect fit. Our jeans come in a wide range of shapes - but common to all is fit first. You don’t have to worry about body shape or size. Simply choose the design you want and let us do the rest! Skinny jeans are not just for skinny girls. Same logic goes for mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. We can all wear them! Actually, all Noisy May jeans are named after real life girls who have inspired us. Because those are the ones we design for.

Denim could easily be the most versatile fashion item - making it the perfect wardrobe staple. No wonder it has been sported by high end as well as high street fashion brands for decades. It’s our go to fashion choice day and night. Easy to style with sneaks, knit and a leather jacket for a raw look and dress up with a top and heels for a feminine yet powerful expression. And when it comes to styling jeans: anything goes!

How to style a denim on denim outfit

The denim on denim trend goes straight to our noisy hearts. So of course, you’ll find a wide variety of denim designs at Noisy May. Looking for a denim jacket? Search no more. A denim shirt? Check, we’ve got it. All the styles you dream of is right here for you to find your next denim crush. And now it’s time to mix and match that denim on denim look!

Good news: it’s actually really easy to put together a winning denim outfit and there’s really no way to do it wrong. Start off with your main denim style - could be your best jeans. Do you want a tone-in-tone denim look? Then you must consider the wash of your denim styles. Are you going for a tight silhouette or do you want to match a pair of skinny jeans with a looser top? Mixing a slim style with one of more volume will balance your look. One more thing to consider when styling your denim on denim outfit: what expression are you aiming for? Denim designs comes with raw trims which is perfect to utilize a raw outfit with ripped jeans. But you could also go for a more classic look with raw denim and cleaner styles.

Who are the Noisy girls?

Noisy May jeans covers all your needs! Meet good ol’ members of the Noisy family, household staples such as Eve, Lucy and Kimmy. Not to mention Julie and Liv and recent member: Jenna. Between these noisy girls you’ll find slim fit, skinny fit and straight leg jeans. Low rise and high waisted jeans. Cover your basic needs with these go to jeans. As denim is always on trend, you’ll also find a mix of trend jeans with fashion details. Flared jeans are making a regular come back this season and we are on point! Our jeans category covers the trends you need right now: raw hem jeans, zipper details and stonewash denim. Shop trend jeans for a fashion expression to match your noisy attitude!

Jeans care. How to wash jeans

However rough and versatile, denim fabric will last longer if you follow a few simple guidelines for jeans care. Most Noisy May jeans are stretch jeans that can’t handle high temperature washing. Myth is, you’ll just need to tumble your denim dry to make it shrink again. Let’s leave it a myth, please? The cotton part of your jeans might shrink, but the stretch part will be distorted by high temperatures and thus getting you nowhere. Instead, wash your jeans as little as possible and always by low temperatures - preferably inside out - and keep them out of the dryer. That way you can enjoy your denim crushes forever.