Welcome to Noisy May

… and welcome to our world of cutting-edge jeans and on-trend fashion. In 2013, Noisy May was born out of a dream of designing jeans fitted for any and every body. The Noisy team started with a handful of pioneers, but year by year, we’ve grown to become a full range fashion brand covering key categories such as tops, dresses, outerwear and accessories. Today we are a diverse and international team of more than 60 denim lovers across Europe and we are proud to say that we continuously welcome new people to the Noisy Crew. While we pride ourselves in delivering cool denim styles and trend pieces throughout every season, to us, Noisy May is so much more than fashion. Our denim lifestyle brand revolves around a universe populated by the free-spirited, passionate and authentic people in our extended crew, whom we are inspired by every day. Always keeping it real, we turn to street style, everyday life and community voices for inspiration, and we love when you share your #noisymay look with us on social media.

Join the Noisy Crew

The Noisy Crew is for everyone, and there’s no boxes to tick if you want in. Whether you are more into skinny jeans or 90s jeans, sweatshirts or jumpers, dresses or pants, the Crew is a community based on our shared passion for expressing ourselves through clothes, styling and all things denim. Check in and start sharing your favorite wild, urban, dreamy, playful, authentic looks for others to be inspired by. The Noisy Crew is the heart and soul of Noisy May, so naturally we always want to give back to the many people engaging with us and our clothes. We would love to connect with you on social media, and if you are into daily style inspiration you should check in on Instagram. A welcome discount of 10% on your next online purchase. Pre-releases of new capsules. Early access to sale. Exclusive seasonal promotions just for members of the Noisy May customer club. Do you want the full brand experience and all the benefits of being in a crew? Join our Customer Club and get all of these perks delivered straight to your inbox, plus so much more.

The Noisy May Jeans

Saying that we’re inspired by real life people in everything we do might just be an understatement. Actually, we’re so excited by the Noisy Crew that all our styles are named after special people in our lives. Our first jeans were named after the designer’s ex-girlfriends – the ones that sparked nostalgic memories and a little pinch of the heart years later. Following this tradition, each and every jean fit is named after someone special in tribute to the feelings they spark in us. Jeans are easily the most versatile wardrobe piece and can be styled in so many ways. Naturally, your best jeans fit is an important outfit builder. Haven’t found your best fit yet or just ready to take on a new shape? Our jeans guide gives you an easy overview of the many jeans fits in our range, so you might want to check it out. Skinny jeans have been a go-to style for some years now, and of course we offer a wide selection of these best-basics from our most popular high waisted skinny jeans, Callie, to our normal waist jeans, Lucy and Kimmy – the latter is upgraded with cropped ankle length and signature zipper details. Feeling the 90s trend? Our Eve jeans are low rise jeans that tap into the current trend while still offering the versatility of a skinny fit. Lately, more jeans fits have made their way back at center stage, most remarkably the wide leg jeans – true 90s jeans – while relaxed fit jeans such as mom jeans, dad jeans and flared jeans are back as comfortable wardrobe staples. If you are on the lookout to add more trend fits to your outfits, make sure to check out the jeans guide for an easy overview of our most popular jeans. Denim runs in our veins, so going double denim is a go-to styling tip in Noisy May. Complete the look with on-trend denim separates: denim jackets, dresses, shirts and seasonal styles such as denim shorts.

Colours for Everyone

Denim is the corner stone here at Noisy May. Add to that full range collections of seasonal can’t-live-without separates and styling pieces. No-one features trend styles better than the Noisy Crew, and our design takes off from the inspiration we get from here-and-now expressions of real-life people. Seeing how each member of the Crew styles our clothes complete the circle, we are proud to see how our styles speak to a diverse crowd. We never compromise on quality and fits, and each season we offer a variety of options on the trending hero pieces to cater you with just the option that serves your style. Our colour ranges hold options for everyone, and you’ll find the seasonal trend colours in every category: outerwear, knitwear, dresses and tops, to name just a few.